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Find out what’s going on in Delft. Have you ever felt like you had no idea about what is going on in Delft? We know we have! Did you know that student associations and local businesses have the flipside of the problem? They don’t know how to reach you, the students in an effective way. Use our platform to stay up to date on all the local events, and to share cool events you find with your fellow students and users.


Discover places, that students like yourself frequently visit. Where is a cheap place in Delft to get a haircut? Where can you loan a professional steam cleaner for your dirty carpet? Find out the answers to these and other similar topics, and discover places of interest in Delft that you as a student would find useful.


Have at your fingertips need-to-know practical information about living in Delft and The Netherlands. Did you know you can up to around €200 from the Dutch government back per month as a rent subsidy? What do you do when your bicycle gets stolen? Have these kind of information at your fingertips, which you can easily refer to when the need arises.


Share tips, events, and places to go, through our platform. Have you been living in Delft already? Do you have knowledge that you have gained during your stay in Delft that you wish someone had told you sooner when you had just arrived? Help your fellow students who may not know this information, or all the future students that will study in Delft.
If you are a student association or local business, please feel free to share details of your location, and any upcoming events you have planned.


We are currently looking for students who would like to work on an interesting project with us.

Who are we looking for?
  • Creative thinkers: who love to think outside the box, but also possess the skills to transform their unique ideas into reality
  • Go-getters: goal-oriented and likes to take initiative, able to make decisions by yourself, and manage yourself and your time
  • Team players: with a high degree of communication, and experience working in multicultural and multidisciplinary environments


We are growing our database everyday with more events and tips that cater to the social life of students. If you have events and promotions coming up and would like to work with us, contact us throught the contact section.


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